Faith Formation Commission Minutes

Faith Formation Commission Meeting Minutes






Present:  Commission Members:  Jackie Stoffel, Marie Schuster, Mike Hellmann,  Terry McDermott, Maria Steinlage, Laura Blum, Sharon Killian, and Jenny Stork.  Parish Staff: Faith Formation Director Dave McDermott, Youth Formation Coordinator Marcy Mueller and Religious Education Coordinator Stephanie Klapataukas.


Called to order at 6:20 pm by Jackie Stoffel


Prayer:        The gospel reading was read by Marie Schuster & Jenny Stork

                    Faith Sharing followed


In-Service:  St. Anthony catechetical plan.


Total Parish Catechesis diagram:

  • Removed: Children’s Initiation & Little Christian Preschool.
  • Replaced Vacation Bible School with Totus Tuus.
  • Changed name of Baptism II to Christian Parenting.
  • Added: Parish Mission
  • Added: Bullet points to youth ministry to include:  National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC), retreats and service trips.
  • Added a new category titled: Social Media Formation.  That includes reach through Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat, etc.
  • Added new category: Community Building Ministries:  This includes events such as Who’s coming to Dinner and Five Love Languages.


Sacramental Preparation:

  • Baptism preparation class – Changed the wording from a two hour class to a 90 minute class.
  • Updated Reconciliation and First Communion Preparation to reflect the timeframes the meetings occur.
  • No changes to Confirmation.
  • Marriage Preparation. Minor change to verbiage.


Christian Preparation: 

  • Removed section regarding Children’s initiation. This is now included in the RCIA program.


Added one weakness.  Need to integrate the newly baptized into parish life.


Items for Discussion/Decision:




Who’s coming to dinner – This event was held on October 21st.  23 parishioners participated.  Good feedback was received.  It was suggested that another event be held in April. 


Five Love Languages - We’re targeting February 11th or 12th for this event.  Jackie Stoffel will be reaching out to potential speakers.


Generations of Faith:  One session was held with 190 participants in attendance.  The second session was cancelled due to low attendance.  It was suggested that we only schedule one session going forward.


Parish Garden:  Sharon reported that the garden had a very good year.  Approximately 82 hours of volunteer service was reported. The produce was donated to local nonprofit organizations.


Standing Representative/Committee Reports:  In the future, these reports will be sent to commission members with each month’s meeting agenda. 


  • Holy Family Catholic Schools: Dave McDermott sent the bullet points after the meeting
  • Pastoral Council: Jackie gave an update on the last meeting.  They are reviewing the parish mission statement. 


Administrative Reports:

  • Coordinator of Religious Education: Report submitted. 
  • Youth Formation Coordinator: Report submitted. 
  • Director of Faith Formation: Report submitted. 


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 9th in the Knepper Conference Room.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Mike Hellmann