Faith Formation Commission Minutes

Faith Formation Commission Meeting Minutes






Present:  Commission Members:  Jackie Stoffel, Nikki Carr, Marie Schuster, Mike Hellmann, Terry McDermott, Laura Blum, Sharon Killian, Jenny Stork and Nativity Parish liaison, Jen Eades.  Parish Staff: Pastor Fr. Steve Rosonke, Faith Formation Director Dave McDermott, Youth Formation Coordinator Marcy Mueller and Religious Education Coordinator Stephanie Klapataukas.


Called to order at 6:15 pm by Jackie Stoffel


Prayer:        The gospel reading was read by Marcy Mueller & Sharon Killian

                    Faith Sharing followed


Meeting Minutes from Jan 9th meeting were approved.


In-Service:  St. Anthony catechetical plan.


Young Adults & Adults

  • Deleted Children’s Initiation
  • Replacing Baptism II with the new Christian Parenting program
  • Changed Bible study to match our current offerings
  • Added parish mission
  • Changed Generations of Faith to annual event
  • Removed weakness of lack of appropriate meeting spaces


People with Special Needs:

  • Changed Generations of Faith to annual event
  • Changed the mass on which the signing for the deaf occurs
  • Added parish mission
  • Removed the “active special needs committee”



  • Removed Children’s initation.
  • Replacing Baptism II with the new Christian Parenting program
  • Removed weakness of lack of appropriate meeting spaces





Items for Discussion/Decision:


Religious Education textbook changes:  Loyola Press notified the parish that they will be discontinuing the current textbook that is used.  There are two options available for us to choose from.  It was suggested that we review the website and provide feedback to Stephanie.  She will send the commission members an email with the website address.


Items to place in Nativity Parish bulletin:  Jen Eades asked what information should be placed in Nativity Parish’s bulletin for Religious Ed.  Stephanie let her know about the registrations that are currently open.  She also asked to announce that we are in need of an art teacher and 3rd grade catechist for the summer program.  Also, she normally sends information to the Nativity Parish office to include in the bulletin in the same email she sends to St. Anthony’s bulletin. 




Five Love Languages – Deacon Tom Lang presented the program on Sunday, February 11th.  It was reported that 34 people registered for the program.  It was well received by the attendants.    


Guess who’s coming to dinner:  A discussion was had regarding another “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” event.  The consensus was that we should do this again.  It was suggested to schedule this in April.


Additional goals: - We have completed our goals for the year.  Dave asked whether we wanted to set additional goals for the year.  It was suggested that we look at forming more faith sharing opportunities for individuals who are single, divorced or widowed.  Dave asked the commission members to research what other parishes are doing in this area.


Knights of Columbus Pamphlets:  The Knights of Columbus have requested to set up a new rack that contains faith formation booklets in O’Malley Hall.  The commission has questions/concerns and has requested that a representative of the KCs attend the March meeting to discuss this further.


Standing Representative/Committee Reports:  In the future, these reports will be sent to commission members with each month’s meeting agenda. 


  • Holy Family Catholic Schools: Steve distributed the bullet points from the last meeting. 
  • Pastoral Council: The council has not met.  No minutes available. 


Administrative Reports:

  • Coordinator of Religious Education: Report submitted. 
  • Youth Formation Coordinator: Report submitted. 
  • Director of Faith Formation: Report submitted. 


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 13th in the Knepper Conference Room.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Mike Hellmann