Haiti Committee Meeting Minutes


NOVEMBER 10, 2016


Present:  Carol Brandel, Mary Frueh, Mel and Theresa Harvey, Joanne Haywood, Al Kluesner, Chuck Kutsch, Ronnie Larkin, Dee Maahs, Roger Smith, and Pam Zimmer


Prayer:  The Gospel for the first Sunday of December was read.  Discussion, sharing, and prayer followed.


Minutes:  Minutes from the October 13 meeting were accepted. 


Reports and Discussion  


Coordinator:  The last financial report from Fr. Rebert was in August.  Mel will request one be sent this month.

 The truck arrived and with it a message dated November 6 from a delighted Fr. Rebert..  Mel will communicate our gratitude to Mark Bonnema in Michigan for all of the work he did in getting this truck shipped from Japan.

Flooding from an October 27 rain caused a great deal of flooding in and around St. Montfort Parish.

In Cape Haitian more flooding today (Nov. 10) caused extensive damage.

The CD created by Jim Brimeyer and Sr. Marie Therese Kalb will be delivered soon (hopefully within two weeks).  As soon as they arrive the Haiti committee will organize activities for wrapping and selling them.  Jim sent an email with the cover of the CD, a listing of the songs and words to all of them.


Treasurer:  Brian was absent but had sent his report online.

November Haiti Sunday - $1,748 ( Four months have exceeded $1,300/month).

There is $4,744.99 available for transfer.  Brian will request the $2,000 be sent for the month of November. 


Correspondence:  In addition to the news of the truck’s arrival, Fr. Rebert sent a series of photos of the truck.  The committee wishes to share those with the parish.  Publicity committee will try to incorporate at least one of these.


Parish Council:  Pam reported there have been no meetings, therefore no report.


Publicity:  Theresa and Mel created a new brochure for Take Away Hunger.  They suggested using the same format (as they have it on their computer) to create a new brochure for the Haiti Committee.  Suggestions from committee – include the Mission Statement and current goals as well as current projects like purchasing the truck.  Insert  finished copy into the bulletin the first week of December.  Hand it out with the sale of  the new CD.  Theresa and Ronnie will work on this project.




Old Business


Take Away Hunger:  The name change is being worked out yet on the legal side of things.  John Becker is dealing with the technicalities.  There are a number of packaging events planned this fall.  The new food packages will use a different seasoning with less salt.  Mel will be giving a presentation on TAH at Wahlert High School Nov. 22.

Theresa clarified that Take Away Hunger does ship to Haiti but only Port au Prince, not Port de Paix as was stated in the August minutes.


New Business


Medical Team:  Dee said there are 6 people ready to serve on the Medical team for St. Montfort, Haiti in March (8th – 18th).  Medications will need to be ordered for this trip with funds from the operating budget.  Fr. Rebert has requested two clinics be established for St. Montfort: help for hypertension and prenatal.   Our team plans to mentor the St. Montfort medical staff in setting these up.


Bulletin Announcement:  Mary put news from St. Montfort in the bulletin for Haiti Sunday in November.  Ronnie will quote Fr. Rebert on his response to the arrival of the truck for the December news. 


Book Sale:  The book sale to benefit Take Away Hunger was held Nov. 5-6 with a profit of $1,568.00. 


Haiti Sunday Coordinators:

December 3-4  Fruehs

January:  December 31-Jan. 1 Harveys

February 4-5:  Larkins


Next Meeting:   Please note the day change*

*Tuesday, January 10, 2017

7:00 PM

Knepper Conference Room St. Anthony


Respectfully submitted,

Ronnie Larkin