Coronavirus Update

Latest Updates from St. Anthony Church
Updated: June 10, 2020

  • June 10, 2020 - SCRIP News:  We are happy to announce that SCRIP ordering will resume on Monday, June 15!  We will continue with the original order schedule through early August, at which time the 2020-2021 schedule will be released. The SCRIP volunteer team will be taking extra measures to keep everyone safe and healthy.  If you prefer not to pick up or handle physical gift cards, please remember that you can order SCRIP from many vendors by using eGift cards (formerly SCRIPNow) or reloadable gift cards.  Remember that ALL orders, both online and manual, must be submitted or dropped off by 9:00 am on order dates.  We look forward to once again helping both our families and St. Anthony Parish!


To address a few current questions and concerns:

Live stream will continue to happen at 4:00pm Saturdays. (Click Here for our YouTube channel)
We are RECOMMENDING all parishioners wear masks.
O'Malley Hall will be open for overflow seating and for social distancing.
Daily Mass will resume. There will be mass Monday, June 1. There will not be daily mass on Mondays moving forward.
Reconciliation will resume. Tuesday-Friday @ 7:15am and Saturday @3:00pm.
Scrip is planning to resume mid June. Stay tuned for further updates.

Dear St Anthony Parishioners,

The Archdiocese of Dubuque will re-open parishes for the public celebration of the Mass beginning the weekend of May 30/31.  As you might expect, the celebration of the Mass will seem a little different.  By that I mean that we will continue with social distancing, etc.   What follows below is Archbishop Jackels’ guidelines for re-opening the churches of the archdiocese for public Mass.

We need to pray for one another during this time of transition.  Pray for all those who suffer and all those in most need of God’s mercy.  Lord Jesus have mercy.  Holy Mary pray for us.

God Bless you,
Father Steve Rosonke

Re-opening of churches in the Archdiocese of Dubuque for the public celebration of Holy Mass and Sacraments

Until further notice, Catholics in the Archdiocese of Dubuque are dispensed from celebrating Mass on Sundays and other holy days of obligation, and from their Easter duty for 2020.

Receiving Holy Communion when gathered for Holy Mass with the holy community is an important practice of our holy Catholic Faith. However, charity is the supreme rule, which inspires devotion to the common good, which inspires the following provisions. Your patience and cooperation are most appreciated.

Please stay safe at home and do not come to Mass (this includes clergy) if you…

  •       Are sick, or have recently been sick, or have an underlying medical condition
  •       Are frail due to advanced age
  •       Are nervous about contracting COVID-19
  •       Live with and/or care for someone sick, elderly, at risk, or with COVID-19
  •       Work at or regularly visit high-risk situations, where there are COVID-19 cases

Even if Mass is being offered in parishes, the above-mentioned folks should stay home, either to protect themselves or others from contagion.

 Until further notice, parishes should take safety measures to prevent contagion:

1)    People should avoid mingling before/after gathering in church, and parishes should not host crowd activities, or events like funeral meals and wedding receptions.

 2)    Social distancing must be observed, that is, people are expected to keep their distance, about 6 feet apart, though people in the same household may be closer together. This will result in fewer people being allowed to congregate in church for Sunday Mass. Again, until further notice, Catholics here are dispensed from the Sunday obligation. The saintly desire to receive the Eucharist can be satisfied at a weekday Mass.

3)    Whenever possible, physical contact should be avoided: when greeting people before or after Mass; passing a collection basket; bringing up bread, wine and the collection in a procession; at the Our Father; at the Sign of Peace; in the Communion line, if people ask for a blessing, or when distributing the Host in the hand.

 4)    Holy water fonts and baptismal pools should be emptied or covered.

 5)    Missalettes, hymnals, and other printed materials should be removed from the pews.

 6)    The number of liturgical ministers – Deacons, Communion Ministers, Lectors, Altar Servers, Cantor and Choir – should be kept to a minimum, or dispensed with altogether.

 7)    Only the Host will be offered at Communion time, and not the cup. Receiving the Host on the tongue is discouraged, for sanitary reasons. Communion Ministers may wear a mask to distribute the Host, but not gloves, and they should sanitize their hands before/after distribution.

 Other recommended, general safety measures are: wash your hands; don’t touch your face; cough into your elbow; and wear a mask.

Old News

March 16, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

These are unprecedented times for all of us in all areas of our lives.  Our Catholic faith teaches us that God walks with us at every step through times such as these and we continue to walk in faith, hope and love.   Sometimes the absence of community and Eucharist can help us appreciate them more fully when they return. 

Archbishop Jackels has communicated that parishes will not have public liturgies until further notice.  This means that the Church understands that gathering for Mass might put the most vulnerable among us at risk and we will not meet again for weekday or weekend Masses until it’s safe for everyone to do so.  I plan to say a private Mass with a small group of musicians and other ministers every Saturday at 4pm which will be recorded and available on the St. Anthony YouTube channel at the YouTube address below. This will be available to watch any time after it is recorded as a way to stay connected to the parish.  We will also record the rosary every Tuesday morning at 10am which will be able on YouTube as well. Our first priority at this time is to assist with the spiritual, emotional or material needs of parishioners and the larger community in any way we can. 

Until we are able to gather again, we will attempt to stay in communication with all of you through the following:

Mailings, Email, Phone Messages 




Although we will not be gathering to celebrate Mass, St. Anthony Church will continue to incur expenses during this pandemic.  Your continued financial support of our parish is essential for St. Anthony Church to pay its ongoing bills.  Please mail your tithing to 1870 St. Ambrose St. Dubuque, Iowa 52001, or drop it off at the Parish Office.  Our office will remain open M-F from 8am to 2pm.  For your convenience, please consider enrolling in Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to send your tithing from your checking or savings account every month.  You can enroll by visiting our website at:

St. Anthony’s has a long legacy of being a visible sign of God’s grace and mercy for everyone.  At this difficult time, I ask you to consider the ways you support the community and would encourage you to consider whether you are willing and able to offer more.  This would ensure that St. Anthony’s continues to be vibrant through this difficult time and of service well into the future.

While it is important to make sure your own affairs are in order, we also need to remember the more vulnerable populations in our community.  We will have a table in the gathering space outside of O’Malley where we will collect food, dry goods and paper products to keep the Dubuque Food Pantry and other local organizations stocked.   

God Bless,

Father Steven J. Rosonke