Faith Formation Commission Minutes

Faith Formation Commission Meeting Minutes






Present:  Commission Members:  Jackie Stoffel, Nikki Carr, Marie Schuster, Mike Hellmann, Terry McDermott & Laura Blum.  Parish Staff: Pastor Fr. Steve Rosonke, Faith Formation, Director Dave McDermott, Youth Formation Coordinator Marcy Mueller and Religious Education Coordinator Stephanie Klapataukas.


Called to order at 6:20 pm by Jackie Stoffel


Prayer:       The gospel reading was read by Marie Schuster/Dave McDermott

                   Faith Sharing followed


Meeting Minutes from March 13th meeting were approved.


In-Service:  St. Anthony catechetical plan.


Parish Schools: 

  • Add Monday Adoration at Wahlert.
  • Add weakness: Connection with parish has diminished since the school merged into the Holy Family System.



  • Change school newsletter to monthly.
  • Add social media as a communication method.
  • Suggestion: Find a way to reach people via text or e-mail.


Items for Discussion/Decision:


Ideas for Small Groups:  Dave asked for a consensus when we should start our push on small groups.  It was decided that we should start in September.  We also floated ideas for programs we can implement in the summer.


Religious Education textbook changes:  The finance committee has approved the purchase of new textbooks.  Stephanie will be ordering materials soon.


New Members for 2018-2019:  Bill Gregory has agreed to serve on the faith formation commission starting in August.  We thank Laura Blum for her service to the commission for the past six years.


June Meeting Potluck:  Nikki Carr will host this year’s potluck.  It is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday May 30th at 5:30 pm at her home.




New goals for 2018-2019: 

  • Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: We will be holding this event in September. A subcommittee of Jackie Stoffel, Marcy Mueller and Jenny Stork will lead this effort.


  • Small Groups: This will be kicked off in September


Potential Goal: An idea suggested is that we have a movie and faith sharing program.  This program would bring together a group of people who have seen a faith based movie (ie:  Paul the Apostle of Christ) and discuss the groups incites. 


We will identify additional goals in Sept/Oct for the remainder of the year.


Standing Representative/Committee Reports:  In the future, these reports will be sent to commission members with each month’s meeting agenda. 


  • Holy Family Catholic Schools: Routine items were discussed (budget & staffing)
  • Pastoral Council: Anthony’s will be holding a celebration of our patron saint on/around his feast day in June.  Council continues to look at security updates on campus.



Administrative Reports:

  • Coordinator of Religious Education: Report submitted. 
  • Youth Formation Coordinator: Report submitted. 
  • Director of Faith Formation: Report submitted. 


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 8thin the Knepper Conference Room.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Mike Hellmann