2nd Grade Sacramental Form

Please complete the following information about your family for your child who is receiving First Eucharist this year. If your child was not baptized at St. Anthony's or Nativity, we need a copy of the baptismal certificate. Please request one from the parish where they were baptized or provide a copy to the Faith Formation Office. Please call 563-582-0377 with any questions.

Baptismal Name - First Middle Last


Name of Parish and City, State (Ex: St. Anthony Dubuque, IA)

*Please note we need a copy of your child's baptism certificate if they were not baptized at St. Anthony's or Nativity.



Thanks for taking the very first step in the process of beginning formal preparation for receiving Reconciliation and Eucharist!  We are excited to walk with you on your family's faith journey. From here you will be directed to a page which will give you the option to pay the $40 Sacramental Preparation Fee with a credit card. If you do no wish pay by credit card, please push the submit button and you may simply close out of the screen you are redirected to. After clicking "Submit" you will have successfully registered. Thanks again!