Christmas & New Year's Mass Schedule

When Christmas is on Monday…

The answers you need

We understand that when Christmas falls on Monday, there can be confusion during the 4th weekend of Advent.  We have tried to anticipate some of the questions you may have.

The 4th Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve are on the same day?

Answer: Yes they are. We’ll have our regularly scheduled Masses on Sunday morning, Dec. 24th at 8:30am and 10:30am.  These Masses celebrate the 4th Sunday of Advent.  We will then have Christmas Eve Masses at 4pm and 6pm.

Do I get to (have to) go to Mass twice?  

Answer: Yes! You’ll attend one Mass for the 4th weekend of Advent and one of the Christmas Masses.  There are plenty of options. You can attend Saturday and Sunday evening.  Saturday evening and Monday morning. Sunday morning and Sunday evening. Sunday morning and Monday morning would also work.

Can I receive Communion twice on one day?

Answer: Yes! Because you are receiving communion for two distinct purposes, once for the 4th Sunday of Advent and once for the Christmas Eve celebration.

What else should I keep in mind?

Answer:  A few things; the 4pm Mass on Christmas Eve will be our largest Mass.  We will have overflow seating in O’Malley Hall, but the church is typically full by 3pm.  If you are able to attend one of other Masses, it would help take a little of the commotion off of the 4pm Mass.  Remember, the Christmas Masses are typically filled with family and visitors to our parish.  You can do your part by making sure we are especially welcoming and hospitable during this time.