Children's Liturgy of the Word


Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLW) is an age-appropriate Liturgy of the Word offered for ages 5 through 3rd graders at the 10:30 AM Mass. No pre-registration is necessary. All children are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Just before the Liturgy of the Word begins for the assembly, these children are invited to go with the weekly leaders from the church to the Kutsch Conference Room (lower level in O'Malley). During this special time, the volunteer teacher leads the children through prayers, songs and readings that are simplified for children.

The children learn about the same Scripture readings as the rest of the assembly. They are taught a simplified main message of the readings and are encouraged to share that message with their parents after Mass.

Volunteers are needed to teach the lessons each week, as well as to assist with the supervision of the children. This is a great opportunity for adults and middle school/high school youth to help these eager youngsters learn the Word of the Lord.

For more information or to get involved, contact the Coordinator of Religious Education.
Parish office: 563-582-0377


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February 6, 2022 - Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 13, 2022 - Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 20, 2022 - Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 27, 2022 - Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

March 6, 2022 - First Sunday of Lent
March 13, 2022 - Second Sunday of Lent
March 20, 2022 - Third Sunday of Lent
March 27, 2022 - Fourth Sunday of Lent

April 3, 2022 - Fifth Sunday of Lent
April 10, 2022 - Palm Sunday
April 17, 2022 - Easter
April 24, 2022 - Second Sunday of Easter

May 1, 2022 - Third Sunday of Easter
May 8, 2022 - Fourth Sunday of Easter
May 15, 2022 - Fifth Sunday of Easter
May 22, 2022 - Sixth Sunday of Easter


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