October 10, 2022

Sale of Property

St Anthony Church received an offer to purchase the school building north of Rosedale Ave along with one row of parking immediately west of the school building, and the ballfield.  The Parish Council approved the offer.

The buyer intends to convert the school building into apartments.  Once completed, the buyer expressed a desire to build another apartment building on the ballfield along with a parking lot for the residents of the apartment buildings.

This sale is contingent on two actions from the City of Dubuque.  First, the city must agree to rezone the property for apartment buildings.  Second, the city must agree to close the alley from the school building to St Ambrose Street and transfer ownership of a section of the alley between the school building and the ballfield to the buyer so that the buyer has one contiguous parcel of land.  St Anthony parishioners will be able to exit the parking lot onto St Ambrose Street, but parishioners will not be able to use the alley to exit the parking lot onto North Grandview.  The sale of the property is scheduled to be completed by January 31, 2023. 

The money received from this sale will remain with St Anthony Parish and will be set aside for actions to be taken on the school building attached to the church.  These actions have not yet been decided and are complicated because the school building is attached to the church, and the school and church share utilities and one heating system.  We hope to have decisions made by January 31, 2023.  We will do our best to keep parishioners informed as those decisions are made.  

Change is difficult at times, and the sale of a building and property will result in a change to the appearance of the parish.  Please pray that this change will result in positive outcomes for the parish.  

May God bless you for your support and patience throughout this process.