Coordinator of Youth Faith Formation


Thank you for your interest in the Coordinator of Youth Faith Formation position at St Anthony parish.  To be considered, please send a cover letter and resume to:  Marabeth Freund, Director of Faith Formation,




Classification: Full Time Salaried


A Vision of the Ministry

The Coordinator of Youth Faith Formation is a professionally qualified Catholic in good standing. (S)he is an integral member of the parish staff and shares in the responsibilities of the parish community.

Rooted and centered in Jesus’s call to discipleship, the Coordinator of Youth Faith Formation is committed to service to the Church in a covenant relationship. (S)he promotes Gospel values and growth in holiness, values collaboration and mutuality in mission and ministry, and recognizes the necessity for professional preparation and ongoing formation.


Responsibility Synopsis

  • Youth Catechesis

        Coordinate the K-10 St. Anthony Religious Education program.

        Collaborate with the pastor and liturgy committee to provide avenues for active participation of K-12 students in liturgy and          parish events.

        Provide and oversee service opportunities for St. Anthony parish and the larger community.

       Create and sustain a variety of offerings for K-12 grade students to encourage a lifelong connection to Christ and the Church.

  • Sacramental

        Coordinate and implement the First Communion, First Reconciliation and Confirmation sacramental programs for                            St. Anthony children and the corresponding sacramental preparation programs for their parents.


The successful candidate will work with a team to develop and implement these programs so that ownership and responsibility for the programs are widely shared. The programs to be implemented are those designed in consultation with the Director of Faith Formation and the Coordinator of Faith Formation. The Coordinator of Youth Faith Formation is accountable to the Director of Faith Formation.


St Anthony Pledge

As an employer, St Anthony Parish strives to create the most life-giving employment opportunity possible.  The hope is that a successful career at St Anthony will encourage healthy work/life balance, opportunities for professional and spiritual growth, and a place where Catholic social teaching tenets are known and implemented at all levels.   With these in place, we hope our employees are positioned to have the greatest impact in the St Anthony community.


Education and/or Experience

  1. Advanced skills in communication, creativity, leadership and organization
  2. Degree in Catholic Studies, Theology or comparable field of study
  3. Experience with religious education or a related field