Faith Formation Commission Minutes

Faith Formation Commission Meeting Minutes



Present:  Commission Members:  Jackie Stoeffel, Marie Schuster, Nikki Carr, Mike Hellmann, Maria Steinlage, Sharon Killian, Terry McDermott and Bill Gregory.  Parish Staff:  Pastor Fr. Steve Rosonke, Faith Formation Director Dave McDermott, Youth Formation Coordinator Marcy McElroy and Religious Education Coordinator Stephanie Klapatauskas.

Called to order at 6:17 p.m. by Jackie Stoeffel

Prayer:  The Gospel reading was read by Marie.  Faith sharing followed.

Meeting minutes from the Sept. 11th meeting were approved.

In-Service:  Chapter 6, “Challenges to Excellent Sundays” from the book Great Catholic Parishes was reviewed. Topics discussed were: low Mass attendance; why become a member?; challenges of diverse music liturgies; and communication technology potentials.

Items for Discussion/Decision:

The Choice Wine Update:  44 couples are participating and the program is entering the fourth week. Good feedback so far.

Parish Leadership In-service:  The Pastoral Council sponsored In-service given by Matt Selby on Sept. 24 was well received.  It will be the FFC’s turn to sponsor this in-service next year.

2018-2019 Goal Action Steps: Recap on the goals are:

  • Promoting the general theme of HOSPITALITY in all we do at St. Anthony’s
  • Promoting a BETTER CONNECTION between the church and the Holy Family Schools affiliated with St. Anthony’s
  • Encouraging MORE INVOLVEMENT in the small faith-sharing groups

Break into small groups based on goals:  (Brainstorming Action Steps)

HOSPITALITY :  Group members Mike, Terry, Nikki and Marcy

  • Invite young OLG, R.E. and St. Anthony’s families to greet at weekend masses
  • Have downstairs greeters aid parishioners from parking lot to church
  • Send notes to college kids at finals time
  • Use social media to invite to Community Sunday

BETTER CONNECTION:  Group members Maria, Jackie, Bill and Stephanie

  • Strengthen 3rd-5th graders presence at church (increase ownership)
  • OLG presence-painting? statue? celebrate feast of OLG?
  • Research other parishes’ newsletters for their info/ideas
  • “Ambassador” families for outreach/personal invites for each school network
  • Tutoring opportunities for walking with families
  • Focus on welcoming (not stealing) families from other parishes
  • Attend/be present at assemblies at schools
  • Parish events-participation % for awards (NUT)
  • Make parishioners aware of adoration at Mazz/Wahlert and prayer-grams
  • Plan events for school age families (i.e. open gym after 10:30 Mass)
  • Build-up events related to parents of OLG/St. Anthony’s etc…

MORE INVOLVEMENT:   Group members Sharon, Marie, Jenny and Dave

  • Create small groups branching from Emmaus/ Choice Wine/ etc.. programs
  • Make FFC office available for small group meetings
  • Research other evangelical’s small group programs
  • Develop projects, purpose, goals for small groups

Standing Representative/Committee Reports: 

  • Holy Family Catholic Schools: Steve gave an overview.
  • Pastoral Council:   Steve gave an overview.

Administrative Reports:

  • Coordinator of Religious Education: Report submitted.
  • Youth Formation Coordinator: Report submitted.
  • Director of Faith Formation: Report submitted.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:57 p.m.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 13th


Respectfully submitted,

Marie Schuster