Vitality Goal

Vitality Goal:  To improve the efficiency and financial viability of the Parish by eliminating a building that is no longer used as a Catholic school.

Rationale:  St Anthony Church no longer has a school.  One school building was sold.  The remaining school building is attached to the church and shares electrical, water and heating systems with the church, which have caused increased costs and wasted utilities.  An architect, mechanical engineer, structural engineer, and civil engineer were engaged by the parish to identify the actions that must be taken to separate and deconstruct the unused school building.   

Action Steps:

  1. Remove asbestos from the boiler room and school building. Summer/Fall 2023 B. Kalb
  2. Disconnect water service to school building. Summer/Fall 2023 B. Kalb
  3. Disconnect heat to the school building and replace the aging boilers with new energy efficient boilers that are sized correctly to heat only the church. Fall/Winter 2023 B. Kalb
  4. Disconnect the electrical service to the school. Due to supply chain issues, it is estimated that a new transformer will not be available until August 2024. Summer/Fall 2024 B. Kalb 
  5. Construct a new masonry wall and staircase on the section of the school building closest to the church which has the church air conditioning unit on the roof. Fall 2024 B. Kalb
  6. Deconstruct the school building. Winter 2024 B. Kalb
  7. Raise the necessary funds to complete step 8 below. 2024-2025  Finance Committee
  8. Construct a new parking lot on the property where the school building currently resides.  The parking lot will be dedicated for use by people with needs (i.e.: disabled, elderly, families with young children).  Construct a new entrance to the church from the new parking lot.

Summer 2025 B. Kalb 

Point Person for this Goal:   Bob Kalb, Business Manager  (563) 588-0571 X216

Communication of this Goal & Progress:  Communication will be provided as decisions are made through the parish bulletin, newsletter, parish website, Facebook, and Mass announcements.