Haiti Projects

Feeding Hungry Children

April 2023 - St. Anthony’s funds a program that Fr. Rebert began and Fr. Lazar continues. It provides  much needed nourishment for babies and young children. Fr. Lazar provides food (formula, powdered milk, etc)  for the malnourished children. Mothers come to the courtyard of the parish to receive  this from Fr. Lazar.


St. Montfort Feast Day Preperation

April 27, 2021
The parish has been gathering every night for 9 nights in preparation for their feast day. They have music and a benediction. Then on April 28 they go all out in celebration of the feast of their patron saint. It’s a few hours of song, liturgical dance, mass, homily, etc.



Haiti Committee with Father Rebert on his April 7, 2019 visit to Dubuque, Iowa


St. Anthony Parish has recently financed the building of a wall around the St. Montfort
School property.  This is the largest area of flat land in the city of Port de Paix, The wall secures this area, will keep it clean, and
it will now be available not only for parish functions but for rent to groups outside the parish.




Goat Project :  St. Anthony supported the financing of purchasing goats as a way to provide ongoing support by means of milk and ultimately meat for families with the goal of breeding and creating a sustainable means of livelihood.



Medical Clinic/Dispensary.  St. Anthony assisted in the establishment of a self-sustaining medical dispensary which includes a pharmacy and laboratory.  The clinic is staffed by two doctors, three nurses and a lab technician.  Planning is underway to establish a mobile clinic which will aid surrounding churches.  Medical personal from St. Anthony parish periodically visit St. Monfort parish and assist the clinic staff at the parish and in the countryside. 




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