Easter Sunday of The Resurrection of The Lord

Within each one of us is a spark of Divine Love where creature and Creator meet, and we are known uniquely by the name God whispers to us.  It is not the earthly name that was given to us but the one that flows from Divine Power and claims us as one who is special and chosen in God's eyes.  This is the self that will rise one day with the eternal Christ of God and live eternally as God provides.  This is the self that when free from all superficial constraints layered upon it in this life can discover and know freedom in a way never possible before.  This is love lifting us up and transforming us into who we really are, not who we want or need ourselves to be.  Who are you? A special, unique child of God who has been fashioned in God's image, sustained by the power of God's love and kept eternally with the Blessed Trinity in heaven.  Get to know this deeper, truer self as it is who you really are.

(c) LPi


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