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25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Dee Maahs on 9/24/18

Today in the Gospel we hear Jesus speaking to his disciples about His suffering and death. Some of what Jesus says is similar to last week’s Gospel. In both cases the disciples don’t understand. They do not yet grasp Jesus’ true mission.

Further in the Gospel reading, the disciples ... Read More »

23rd Sunday In Ordinary Time

Posted by Dee Maahs on 9/10/18

In the Gospel today, people bring a man to Jesus with a couple impairments; he couldn’t hear or speak. The people who brought the man to Jesus believed that He could heal him. They believed that Jesus would bring the power of God for healing of body and soul. ... Read More »

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Dee Maahs on 9/04/18


In the Gospel today, Jesus is addressing the actions and attributes of the Pharisees. It begins with the Pharisees confronting Jesus about how some of His disciples weren’t observing some of the purity rituals. The point here is that external observances or rituals can’t substitute for internal conversion. ... Read More »