October 18, 2015- Twenty Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

         It is clear from the Gospel that the apostles still didn’t understand Jesus’ mission. They were thinking of Jesus mission in terms of worldly power. They wanted to share in that “worldly” authority. Jesus tries to show them the true nature of discipleship. He says to them, “Whoever wishes to be great among you will be your servant; whoever wishes to be the first among you will be the servant of all.” (Mk.)

          We are called to continual conversion. Part of conversion of heart means that we never get to the point where we no longer have to grow in our relationship with the Lord. We also came to realize that discipleship involves service to one another. The apostles came to that realization too. The exercise of worldly power and authority was not to be part of Jesus’ ministry, but rather it would be the exercise of divine love, mercy and service.



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