Palm Sunday of The Passion of The Lord

The Archbishop has sent out directives for the celebration of Holy Week.  The directives are the same as last year during Holy Week; the difference is that there wasn't anyone in Church during the Masses and services last year.  Here are a few directives from the Archbishop, his intention is to safeguard the common good of public health:

Palm Sunday: The simple entrance should be used (we are already doing that). There should be no blessing or distribution of palm branches and no procession either outside or inside the Church.

Holy Thursday: The simple entrance should be used.  The washing of feet is to be omitted.  There should be no procession with the holy oils blessed at the Chrism Mass.  The procession at the end of Mass with the Blessed Sacrament is omitted.  The Eucharist should remain in the main Tabernacle instead of the Altar of Repose.

Good Friday:  There is no procession of the Cross prior to veneration of the Cross.  There are two options for the veneration of the Cross. 1) This option allows the people to venerate from their pews.  2) If the people are invited to come forward, they should practice social distancing and refrain from touching or kissing the Cross; instead they should bow or genuflect in front of the Cross.

Easter Vigil: The blessing of the Easter fire is omitted and the procession with the Easter Candle is also omitted.

Hope this helps a little.

Fr. Steve


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