Scripture Reflection for The 3rd Sunday of Lent

The Gospel for the Third Sunday of Lent tells of Jesus cleansing of the temple.  The Temple was the center for Jewish worship.  With the coming of Jesus, all that would change.  The one perfect offering is the one Jesus offered o the cross.

Those who were traders in the Temple served a practical purpose.  They would sell animals for sacrifice to those who needed them.  Perhaps they were somewhat dishonest because Jesus referred to them as a den of thieves.  The actions of Jesus offers the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of worship and sacrifice.  The Eucharist which Jesus gave to His Church is the central act of worship of the Church.  The Mass is the renewal of Jesus death on the cross; not a repeat, but renewal.  It offers the opportunity to unite ourselves with Jesus' self-sacrificing love on the cross, and in turn make our loves an offering to the Glory of God.


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