Scripture Reflection for the 5th Sunday of Lent

When we accept the law God has placed in our hearts and gain wisdom from it, then when we suffer we learn to listen more attentively to the Voice behind that law.  We naturally flee to our Creator for inspiration, consolation, hope, direction, and comfort as we navigate through this time of darkness.  We will not need to run from it, subdue it, fight it, or be overcome by it because we will know, having internalized this profound lesson before, that God will bring new life.  God's law is love and love never fails.  Even in the moments of Jesus' deepest despair, he glorified the name of his Father.  What he learned allowed him to put everything in perspective and be obedient to the tender, loving Voice that echoed within.  As Lent quickly winds down, may we learn the same!  Then, may we gain the fortitude and wisdom to help others see what is right before their eyes.  (c) LPi


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