Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - July 21, 2019


In the Gospel today Jesus makes a visit to see Martha and Mary; they were sisters of Lazarus.  Their home was near Jerusalem, and it appears that Jesus was a frequent visitor.  Mary sits at the feet of Jesus listening to him and visiting with him.  Martha, on the other hand was busy preparing the meal for Jesus and some of the disciples.  She runs busy with all the details.  Martha wanted a little help from Mary and she let her request known.  What Jesus responded was very interesting.  He says that essential thing in life is to reach our goal, eternal life.


One of the things we can probably learn from the gospel is that we can’t let the busyness of life prevent us from attending to the things that help our relationship with God.  There are obviously many things in our lives that we have to attend to, but in the process we can’t forget about God, and service to neighbor.



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